Facebook Ads

Advertising through Facebook's Platform

What is it?

Facebook ads are advertisements displayed through the Facebook social network platform. Very similar to Google ads, you allocate a budget that will go towards the amount of clicks you get. You’ll be able to target individuals based on age, sex, and other factors that may be relevant to your business model.

Let’s say you’re starting a sweater company and want your new line to be targeted only towards females between the age groups of 23-29 in the City of Manhattan. Facebook ads will allow you to do exactly that. One of the things our clients love about Facebook ads is the ability for users to share their thoughts on the ad being shown. Users will be able to comment, share, and like posts and will partially serve as a self-selling campaign as well.


No, we kid. That’s the best part, you don’t necessarily need an active profile to partake in its advertising opportunities. As a matter of fact, you won’t need a profile at all since we can manage it for you. The only time a “dummy” profile is recommended is if you personally want to post something on your public wall for everyone to see. This “wall” or feed displays content to your customers, or people that have liked your public Facebook page, as your business name. Or, simply shoot your assigned associate a text and they’ll update it for you in no time.