Brandon Plott

Successful Candidate who ran for City Council

Brandon Plott

Brandon Plott for City Council, District 5

Description & details

Brandon Plott is a man that ran for Councilman of District 5 in Eastvale, California. His website was developed with a target audience in mind and several marketing techniques were deployed to increase his level of success. At the end of the campaign in November of 2016, Plott was named victorious in a very close race with the mayor of the city. The development of his website includes his logo, icons, and other media to advertise his political campaign.


A Successful Political Campaign

During the elections of 2016, Brandon employed several online marketing techniques to increase his exposure throughout the City of Eastvale.

Online Advertisements

Several advertising platforms were employed to advertise Plott’s website across the city of Eastvale.

Website Developed

A website full of content was developed to ensure people got all the necessary information to determine whether to vote for Plott.

Graphic Design

Online flyers were also made to inform people whether they lived within district lines to vote for him.