DPX Global Service

An international freight service

DPX Global Service

An International Freight Company

Description & Details

DPX Global Service is an international freight company that manages clients all over the world. If you need something express, go DPX!

DPX International

An International Parcel Service

DPX Global Service was in the need of establishing their company’s web presence with a website and social media. Several platforms were integrated into their system to ensure their clients received the information when they needed it.

Social Media

Several social media pages were setup and linked to one another. This system makes it easier for potential customers to communicate with the company without being forced to use a certain platform.

Website Developed

A website reflecting the company core values was developed and published online.

Contact Forms

Being able to communicate with their clients is DPX’s number one priority. As a result, we’ve incorporated unique forms in the site to optimize communications.