Pho Chino Hills

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Pho Chino Hills

Pho Chino Hills

Description & Details

Pho Chino Hills is a delicious restaurant in Chino Hills, CA. Looking to mark their online presence and take on competition, the restaurant employed several online marketing strategies with their newly developed website and mobile app.

in Chino Hills, CA

Pho Chino Hills

Pho Chino Hills is now able to provide it’s clients with up to date information about its restaurant and special upcoming promotions through the app.

A New Website

The online presence the restaurant had was through Yelp. They wanted something more. After the development, we incorporated Yelp reviews into the site and other social media links for everyone to see.

A Mobile App

The restaurant also wanted to ensure it’s customers were getting the best deal whenever possible. As a result, we developed an app that randomly offers customers special offers for certain days.

Online Menu

The restaurant serves plenty of dish combinations for the customer to choose from. Now with just a couple of clicks, customers can peacefully pick their food entries and place an order over the phone.