Duke's Cafe

The finest food in Yorba Linda

Duke’s Cafe

Duke's Cafe in Yorba Linda

Description & Details

Duke’s Cafe is a delicious restaurant located in Yorba Linda, California. At the time, they had a website that needed to be revamped. From the bottom up, the logo was redone as a vector, an updated menu was uploaded, and other forms of social media were incorporated into the site.

Duke's Cafe

Duke's Cafe, Restaurant in Yorba Linda, CA

Duke’s Cafe is now able to provide it’s customers with easy to access information regarding their restaurant location, menu, and hours.

Social Media

Duke’s Cafe had some social media sites set up but weren’t linked to one another. We made sure this was done and other tweaks here and there to optimize visibility.

Revamped Website

The new layout incorporates tons of information that makes it easy to find the restaurant. From a map with a pinpoint of its location to a phone number to place an order, Duke’s Cafe is ready to take on new customers!

An Online Menu

The restaurant now has an updated menu on their website which can be used to place calls over the phone to pick up. The online version of the menu includes all of the possible items.